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If you are familiar with homemade recipes, you may also know that some are very specific in their ingredients, sometimes mentioning a specific brand of ingredient. People tend to not want to vary from that recipe and so will use that brand rather than something else. Without realizing it, this is how people give credit and referral to that brand. How wonderful would it be if people would automatically give your brand a referral like that? This is what case studies are for.

This is the sample of the case study I wrote. A true story of my own.

An older lady, Anna K Peck, a simple, fairly active housewife, was having trouble with a heel spur. She’d gone the route of doctors and special shoes twice before with this problem, but the spur kept returning and this time it was becoming so painful she couldn’t put her weight on her heel. Couldn’t go anywhere to do the things she needed to get done. So she decided to try something else.

She searched the Internet for a solution she could live with and found, over at Amazon,  Dr. Stephen Chang’s book ‘The Great Tao’. In it, she found information about the Forgotten Foods teas. She had heard about the Ancient Tao at some point in her life, she couldn’t remember where, but decided to go visit the web site  On this site she read more about the Tao and the forgotten foods teas. One tea, the Dissolving Tea, dealt specifically with her kind of problem, so she decided to try it.

The tea was somewhat expensive, costing $68.00 all told, but she bought it and it arrived within 5 days. It was in a powder form, brown in color.

The instructions were simple. Just take a quarter teaspoon of the tea three times a day until the problem is solved. Dissolve it in a cup of hot water, or put the powder on the tongue and drink a swallow of water until it is all the way down. She chose the latter way.

After only three days of taking this tea, the pain was gone and the spur was noticeably smaller. She continued taking the tea until the spur was completely gone. That took around 3 weeks. She takes this tea every so often now as a preventative and is very happy with the results.

For my editing, I can offer you a review from a prominent journalist and editor, himself, Mr. Mike Fak.

Good morning, Anna. Thank you for your inquiry and information. It is appreciated. First off, let me congratulate you on understanding the King's English. You would be surprised how often I find that not to be the case with individuals who have written something.
The late Mike Fak, former columnist for the Logan County Herald, author and copyeditor for writers.

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