Copywriter for green living businesses; case studies and editing

Work Procedures

I am outlining my processes here for you so you can be better informed of how I work. It will also help you to know what I need from you up front. That way, our work together can go more smoothly. You can contact me here:

My process for completing case studies:

Questions I will ask you:

1-Who is your client?

2-How do I contact your client?

3-What is your product or service your client used?

Questions I will ask your client:

1-Who is the customer?

2-What problem did they have?

3-What solutions did they look at and ultimately reject?

4-Why did they choose our product as the solution?

5-How did they install our product or implement our solution?

6-How is the customer using our product now?

7-What results have they attained with it?

I will write the case study according to what your client tells me.

My process for completing editing:

I will send you an Editing Request Document.  This will be a list of questions you will need to answer and they are:

Your name or business name
email address
phone number
the person to whom I need to speak for any questions I may have.

You will need to email this document back to me, along with your content you wish to have edited.
Those are the processes by which I work.

I will mention again that I only work through email and the phone. (I have physical disabilities that make it very hard for me to travel. Sorry.)

Again, it will be a pleasure working with you.
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