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                                              I want you to succeed

So . . .
Since our economy is in the shape it is, and because I understand how hard it is to get a new business up and running, I am offering my copywriting services for 20% less than actual professional prices. Therefore, the following are what I will charge for each project:
You can contact me here:

Contact me, because I really do want you to succeed.

Case studies: $600.00  for up to 500 words (one page).                               
$1200.00 for 501 words and up (two pages). Although I doubt I'll charge you for 2 pages if the document is only 501 words long.
Case studies are usually 1-2 pages long. Anything longer, the price will be negotiated.

Editing: $10.00 per page.

My projects will take from:
        Case studies: 1 to 5 days, depending on how quickly I can get an interview with the               client.

        Editing: also 1 to 5 days, depending on how much work needs to be done.

I will send an invoice through PayPal for your payment.

As I stated on my home page, I work only through email and the phone. (I have physical disabilities that make it very difficult for me to travel. Sorry.)

My education:

A winning formula for writing powerful case studies. By Ed Gandia. From courses at AWAI.

English Major in high school and IU East University, Richmond, IN

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